Mesphito-Darla only you could of made it this far i've been watching you and i'm quite impressed you really are doom's equal

Darla-What are you babbling about?

Mesphito-You will serve me as a demon

Darla-*searches pocket*my star dust it's gone!

Mesphito-Oh this

Darla-Give it back!

Mesphito-Come serve me as the demon queen of this land

Darla-Not a chance!

Mesphito-You're stubborn blackheart was right this one isn't going down easily

Darla-*starts to walk away*

Mesphito-You can't espace the land of fire and brimstone

Darla-Man this battle won't be easy

???-Hey Darla!

Darla-It's the X-men!

Wolverine-Hey kid nice to see your ok

Darla-Good to see you to and the name's Darla not kid

Mesphito-So this what's it come to i'll destroy every last one of you!