Darla Rose:So Doom we meet again

Dr.Doom:It apppears so how are you parents

Darla Rose:You you'll pay for everything you did to them!

Dr.Doom:Revenge is a ugly thing Darla Rose

Darla Rose:You i hate you so much!

Wolverine:Kid Calm Down

Darla Rose:That murder killed my parents you expect me to not take revenge!

Dr.Doom:Someone outta teach you some respect

Darla Rose:Bring it on!

  • Wolverines holds Darla back*

Darla Rose:Let me go!

Darla Rose:Let me go Wolverine!

Wolverine:Kid focus on the mission we need the crystals or we're doomed

Darla Rose:No he killed my parents!

  • Darla Rose rushes at Dr.Doom and they fight*

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