• Ghostboy3000

    Wolverine:"Since when did you become an assassin for hire?"

    Lady deathstrike: "I became one just recently, And PREPARE TO DIE"

    Wolverine:" In your dreams *Makes his claws come out*

    Lady deathstrike:"This should be fun."

    Wolverine: "Get ready to dance and by that I mean to fight"

    Lady deathstrike:"I am already ready"

    *After the battle*

    Wolverine:"I told you I would win"

    Lady deathstrike: "Even thought I am dying that Was fun."

    Wolverine:"Uh.... Okay"

    *Lady deathstrike dies*

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  • Ghostboy3000

    Grim reaper: Are you in love with black widow, Nick fury? Nick fury: Heck,no. Grim reaper: Oh come on, I saw you blushing. Nick fury: Ok , I admit it I love her, just don't tell any one else. Grim reaper: Too late they already know, They were standing behind you.

    Nick Fury: why you little rascal,*get's his gun out.* Take this for betraying me. *Invisible woman makes a forcefield. Invisible woman: Nick fury, calm down. Nick fury: Ok, I guess I overeacted a little. Grim reaper: You bet you did. *nick fury walks off angily.

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